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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

The Downrock Records Mixtape Agency's Dance Music Track of 2023 - Black Legend, Powerdress & Ridney - Over You (Richard Earnshaw Revision) #CrateGreats


            I listen to dance music when I'm working out, especially on a cardio day, because I need an energy source to match to keep me moving and keep my tempo at a high and steady pace.  So I typically go with a dance music mix, typically house music for that purpose.

            Few songs really stand out on a mix, because the whole point is to keep the dance floor going, but every once in a while one of those tracks comes on that really adds an extra boost of energy to the partygoers' mood.  And personally, this is a track that did such a thing for me during my workout.  I rarely start dancing in the middle of my workout, but that's precisely what happened regarding the unleashing of this track.

            A good dance track needs to contain certain elements to be considered essential to a good DJ mix.  The track's beat has to shift the mix from just moving or shuffling around on the floor to jumping and this track's new or Nu, disco-type bounce aesthetic, and light, breathy, sing-a-long vocals are the perfect combination of what makes a DJ start catching requests to repeat or extend the track.

            If heaven is the dance floor that I imagine it to be, then Black Legend, Powerdress & Ridney's "Over You", and particularly this Richard Earnshaw revision, remix, or whatever you wanna call it, is the track that could be played eternally.

Simon Thompson.

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